The dramatic plot of the hit drama Kill Me, Heal Me has inspired some fans of the show to act. When it was revealed that Ji Sung's character encountered abuse in his childhood which led to his personality split, the netizens of DC Inside's Kill Me, Heal Me gallery voluntarily decided to begin raising money to support an organization that helps child abuse victims and raises awareness about the issue. These awesome fans have already raised over $7,000 for the cause and vow to raise over $10,000 by March 10.

It is truly amazing that fans of the show have been so moved by the drama that they have chosen to help child abuse victims in real life. The organizer of the effort stated that they became aware of child abuse through watching the show and knew they needed to help.

When the drama's director, Kim Jin Man, learned about the fundraising effort, he was impressed with the fans initiative. "I hope people can realize the seriousness of child abuse through the drama," he told enewsworld.

Good luck to the netizens on reaching their $10,000 goal!

What do you think of these fundraising efforts? What other inspiring dramas have you seen lately?