thatwinter Even until the very end of That Winter the Wind BlowsSong Hye Gyo looks out for Jo In Sung as he is shunned from her house completely. Oh Young gives Oh Soo the money that he had needed and even comforts his suffering heart. Prior to their parting, Oh Young confesses her true feelings towards Oh Soo and tells her that he was innocent even though he had fooled her. This beautiful ending to the episode resulted in waves of fans who pleaded to the writers of the drama, via Nate, for a happy ending. Top comments included, "Young is a really nice person. Even Moo Chul and Soo are nice. Let's not kill them. I'll come back tomorrow...and even the next day...," and "If someone had to die in this, I hope they kill President Kim." What are your hopes for the ending of That Winter the Wind Blows? (Source: