How many of us have memories of playing with a doll or action figure? Which was your favorite? We all remember our first Barbie or J.I. Joe, but some die hard fans of Asian entertainment just might have created something that possibly might be able to blow all of our old favorites out of the water! While choice of memorabilia and collectibles are not in short order in Korean entertainment fandom, a group of dedicated and amazingly talented fans took matters into their own hands to mesh their current passion with something from everyone's childhoods. Taking Barbie dolls as their canvas, these fans have successfully created reproductions of their favorite Hallyu and Chinese stars in doll form! Just how accurate are they? Lets just say...uncanny...but don't take our word for it...see for yourselves!

Barbie dolls have been around since 1959, but it wasn't until the year 1988 that Mattel, Inc. released the first Korean Barbie doll. 

While the Korean Barbie doll did bring a smile to many...not to mention some much needed diversity...however, the variety of Asian Barbies have still been rather limited. Well, it is not surprising that recently a few die hard fans have decided to take matters into their own hands and create some Barbie dolls of their own! But wait, why stop there? What these fans did next is utterly fantastic! Taking their favorite stars and idols, these amazingly talented fans decided to produce exact facial replicas of various Hallyu and Chinese stars! 

How did they do it? The fans recreated their favorite Korean/Chinese stars by taking Barbie / Ken dolls and repainting their faces and hair. Check out their creations!~ 

Ken doll transformed into BIGBANG's T.O.P  

Barbie doll transformed into AOA memeber Seolhyun

Ken doll transformed into actor Park Sung Woong

Barbie doll transformed into Chinese actress Fan BingBing

What did you think about the fans' artwork??? Do you think it looks exactly like the stars themselves? Which Hallyu star do you wish they had made? 

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