The first episode of a proposed 16-episode American adaptation of the Asian classic made in Korea as Boys Over Flowers was uploaded by Willkin Media. The idea of an American version of a beloved show has been polarizing from the start, with some flat out stating they would never watch, and others taking a wait-and-see approach.

The production, which allegedly has a $1 million budget, released its first full-length episode last week, and fan reaction so far has been strong. While some of the music received a positive response, many more comments expressed disappointment in nearly all aspects of the technical production (several scenes were out of focus, camera equipment was visible in some shots, speech was often inaudible), as well as the script, acting, and the concept of graduate school students using childish bullying tactics. The original comic books were set in high school.

KdramaStars wrote in a review, " far the drama's actors seem to have been cast by the same agency that unfortunately found the inexperienced American actors used in the opening episodes of "The Heirs."

Torisweettooth on (where the series currently has a score of 4.2/10) wrote, "the first episode of the very FIRST US version is making my stomach hurt. Really it's like a college project, no not even that. It's like a [high school] project."

MisterPopoTv had a lot to say about the first episode in his reaction video:

Producers are currently running their third fundraising campaign for $250,000 USD to complete the series. If you're curious, you can watch the first episode of Boys Before Friends here, and make sure to give your reaction in the comments below!

We first heard of the series here, the American adaptation's cast can be found here and here. Producers gave answers to fan questions here.