Do you ever wish that you could go back in time to re-live happy days or to fix a mistake? Whether it is to experience an exotic era in the past, realize an imaginary future, or even to become your younger self to change the past, here is a list of great time travel K-dramas to satisfy your fantasy wishes. Which one is your favorite?

1. Rooftop Prince

JYJ singer-actor Park Yoo Chun is a Joseon crown prince who accidentally travels to modern Seoul with his 3 buddies. He meets Han Ji Min, who looks just like someone he knew in the past. This wonderful drama of romance and intrigue interlaces the past and the future with extremely hilarious moments. A must see!

2. Nine: Nine Time Travels

Anchorman Lee Jin Wook finds a way to travel back in time, up to 9 times, to solve the mystery of a family tragedy. Can he avenge his family and win back the love of reporter Jo Yoon Hee? Only time will tell. This drama affirms Lee Jin Wook's rise to leading man, and it's a must watch to appreciate why he is one of our favorite hot men.

3. Faith

Hallyu superstar Lee Min Ho is a warrior with awesome hair who travels from ancient Korea to the 21st century to find a doctor, played by Kim Hee Sun, to help the queen in his time. He actually kidnaps the doctor and later falls in love with her. Will the two lovers eventually unite in a time of their own? (All I can say is that Lee Min Ho always gets the girl.)

4. Marry Him If You Dare

Yoon Eun Hye plays a news writer who meets her future self who wants to change the events of her present life. It means the current self needs to make a different decision between the two men who love her: Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa (Heartstrings). That's definitely a tough choice. Who would you choose?

5. Time Slip Dr. Jin

Forever handsome Song Seung Hun stars in this adaptation from Japanese manga series Jin. Song isn't just any doctor, but a neurosurgeon from the 21st century who enters Joseon Korea and finds himself surrounded by beautiful Park Min Young (Healer), Lee Bum Soo (Last), Lee So Yeon, and Kim Jae Joong. Of course he will use his modern medical knowledge to cure and impress Joseon-era patients. This is a fun drama to enjoy, but definitely suspend any disbelief.

6. Queen In Hyun's Man

A Joseon scholar travels forward in time and meets a 21st century actress. Ji Hyun Woo fell in love with Yoo In Na in the intriguing romantic drama on screen and in real life too. (Unfortunately the two actors have called it quits.) This is a great time-travel romance to watch, especially on a rainy day.

7. God's Gift — 14 Days

Lee Bo Young chose this thrilling drama after her stellar year of 2013, when she starred in I Hear Your Voice with Lee Jong Suk and then married long-time boyfriend Ji Sung. She plays a mother who goes back in time exactly 2 weeks before her daughter was kidnapped and murdered. It is nail-biting time as we race with her against the clock to solve the mystery and change the past.

8. Operation Proposal

Our hearts break for adorable Yoo Seung Ho, who is too late to confess his true feelings and watches his beloved marry someone else. He then goes back in time to high school for another chance to win Park Eun Bin's heart. Will he succeed?

9. Miss Granny (movie)

Grandma Na Moon Hee emerges from a photobooth having been magically turned into her 20-year-old self, played by Shim Eun Kyung. The kicker is that she is still living in present times. That's such an interesting twist to the time-travel genre! What will she do as a 20-year old who can try all the things that she's always dreamed of in life? The movie also stars Nine's handsome and relentless time traveler Lee Jin Wook. Watch the trailer below!

I don't know if I could ever have the courage to confess to the guy I missed out in high school, but I definitely would like to try time travel.

Which time era would you like to travel to? 

~ NancyZdramaland