Hey FantastiC fans! Can you believe it’s actually time to bid farewell to this delightful bunch of forever friends? Honestly, I truly can’t but one thing that is for sure, all of our main characters did their fair share of growing and improving. However, most of all, they stuck together through each step, proving the best life to live is with people who love and support you.

Turns out Joon Ki wasn’t kidding at all about dying well, for he definitely threw an excellent party! Decked with gifts, cake, food, streamers and sick kids wearing a hospital gown and a smile. It was nice to have the end cap of Joon Ki’s life celebrated with people he loved, just so he could shower them with that love one last time. His sendoff was a distinct reminder of how he lived and would cement a solid memory of how wonderful he was.

And as always, Joon Ki’s actions were a catalyst for So Hye to take more of her own. This time it was taking the step to get married. I have to admit, that even though I understood her hesitation, more than anything, I wanted her to take advantage of the time she had and go as far as she could with Hae Sung. To me it wasn't just about the fact that he loved her and wanted to be with her but that she truly wanted the same. It’s not selfish to grab ahold of opportunities that bring happiness and I was waiting for So Hye to realize this. And while the issue wasn’t marriage itself but more about grabbing chances and making the best of each one, who doesn’t love a wedding? Especially one that gives Show the opportunity to have practically every pertinent character dolled up and happy.

Seeing everyone enjoy themselves reminded me what this drama tried to express through the lives of its characters; to choose what’s best for your life. Seol is a huge testament to this and it was excruciating to watch her make decisions that were more of an expression of how little she thought of herself. People talk about about taking your power back but more than power, a person needs passion; the desire to sacrifice. Seol gave up her guilt and compliance and realized the best thing for herself was a new start. She let go of the excuses and decided to believe in who she used to be and what others see in her. I am thankful there were people around her as a support who were willing to give her the push she needed to take a leap and break free. When I think about all the things that she could do with her skills and the new things she can still learn, there is no limit to where she may be in a couple years’ time.

And just when we may have thought there was no end to the reach of the rich and powerful, Seol finally uses the voice at end of her fingertips to get out from under the burden of her family’s control. I don’t blame her for utilizing public opinion and found that option resourceful, for someone that had limited access and understanding of so many things when this journey began. Sang Wook was a delight with his dogged ideologies because they could have veered in a completely different direction but instead became solid defense and encouragement--- someone unbending to the pressures of wealth or popularity or threats. The arc was never about Seol finding another man but I do appreciate that she was able to meet someone that saw her value and was unafraid to let her know it.

Where Seol and Sang Wook were opposites in their emotional places, Hae Sung and So Hye were mirrors. For their story was just as much about the effect of cancer on the patient as much as those that love them. Each time So Hye reached her lowest point, Hae Sung was a reflection of those reservations and fears. Painful and frustrating at times, what remained endearing and refreshing was this couple’s ability to talk things through. In relationships, there is a time for silent understanding but it was a joy to watch a pair give one another the permission to feel and express every emotion. Sure there were growing pains, things said that needed apologies but those moments were few, resolved and learned from. 

FantastiC had a way with displaying healthy examples of the bonds of friendship and companionship, set on the foundation of warmth and tenderness that only real love can bring to life. Concerned about watching another show about cancer? Don’t be, for the heart of this show resides solely in the characters and how their circumstances strengthen their circles and deepen their joy. Certainly a rom-com with a touch of slice of life.

It's time to part but I know you, like me, walk away feeling good. For this story laid out nothing but positives from its experience with love and pain and loss. And thankfully was an emotional journey that has given Ryu Hae Sung, Hallyu King of Foot Acting something to pull from that will elevate his acting from foot to perhaps, calf or knee... Maybe.

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