Hello FantastiC Fans! Now with all the introductions out of the way, we get to settle into how our characters are dealing with the changes that need to be made in their lives. It's not easy for any of them but taking the steps seems to have brought lots of relief and content filled smiles. And well, for now, I'm good with that.

Okay, how many of you are ready to nominate our PD to direct next summer’s spooky ghost story thriller? Hands? Just me? Well after So Hye’s nightmare, lucid dream or plain old horror segment, coupled with every second Seol spends with her in-laws I'm certainly convinced this director could pull some terrifying psychological thriller narratives.

But speaking of Seol (we’ll come back to So Hye later), looks like our girl is going to continue her midnight rides. For now, not only does she have the leathers, she has a giddily adorable companion in brand spanking new lawyer Kim Sang Wook (Ji Soo). Though his occupation is a secret for now. I have no ideas of romance where these two are concerned because:

  1. She's married and doesn't seem to have an ideas of changing that status (no matter how much I want her to).
  2. She’s painfully drawn the Noona line.

However, I’m certain these two are going to be terribly cute until he walks in on his boss, Seol’s husband, treating her like a doormat. I mean it's a shame, not only does Seol appear resolved to her circumstance of a lifetime of unpaid labor, but also because I'm still trying to figure out if his remorse comes from pity, being caught or both. I can't say he feels nothing for Seol but I certainly don't believe his thoughts are anywhere near husband-ly

Either way, it's his Noona who is the ultimate thorn in everyone’s butt cheek. For not only is she snatching sympathy and monetary considerations from the hands of her brother, she's ruining potential happiness for our leads as well. Cause, surprise, surprise (not really but you know), her manipulation played a major role in tearing our main pair apart. And while I don’t really care what it all entailed, it does seem that whatever she had on Hae Sung, was more about So Hye and he chose to protect her instead of tackling the issue together. Sigh. When will men learn that in the minds of women in love, it’s better to die together than live apart? Personally, no matter how much I like Hae Sung and So Hye, I find their choices disrespectful to the relationship they had.

I’m sure Hae Sung felt backed into a corner but blindsiding her was unacceptable and the same goes for So Hye's unwillingness to offer him the courtesy of an explanation, then resolving to believe the worst of him. Neither, action reflected two people who had real feelings for one another and that is quite disappointing. Because there is nothing more annoying in a narrative than a silly misunderstanding that could be cleared up with one heartfelt conversation.

That’s why I was thankful (and I think So Hye was grateful too) that Hae Sung decided to lay the groundwork and shared his heart on the matter. Though I doubt it changed much, his earlier life-save, then taking the initiative to seek her out and tell her how he feels was commendable. He really is putting in some effort on all fronts, gearing up for those long awaited applause. Amazing what a kiss can do. Just too bad he might be giving too little, too late.

Yeah, I'm talking about that moppyhead Dr. Hong Joon Ki (Kim Tae Joon), whom I actually quite like. At least he's decided to be upfront about what he thinks regarding So Hye, though any romantic entanglement could be a conflict of interest. *whispers* He’s her immediate physician. But I guess that's what his tea bearing, hammock sharing, night clubbing, also a doctor, sister is for, right?

I was pretty sure whatever their relation, she was no real issue but you have to admit, So Hye taking Moppyhead’s random text as an immediate invitation, without some heads up was presumptuous at best. So that disappointed embarrassment, though felt, was self-inflicted. And while I was proud of her for taking the chance, I wonder if such bold leaps (like her later drunken request) are the results of the power of persuasion or her health diagnosis?

I also can't help but wonder if it could be indicative of a pattern. That she’s quick in making wrong assessments of male intentions... I mean we do have historical evidence of in her rash judgement of Hae Sung.

So Hye is at such a vulnerable time in her life and while I hate that it seems like she’s suffering alone, I appreciate that she has mini meltdowns, result in her making choices she can live with, regardless of what that means.

She may have blown all her travel funds but she spent it on her friends and herself in ways that she will remember. Making and sharing new and fun memories, gave her the peace and spark hope that she can and wants live. Plus, even if she learned nothing else, she definitely realized one thing---Dancing the night away is always good for the soul.

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Episodes 1&2: Determining To Be More AuthentiC

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