Welcome back FantastiC Fans! A guest clubber joins the discussion this week as Hae Sung pulls out all the stops to win So Hye's affection, while she's humbled as she begins treatment. But a couple setbacks threaten to burst their hopes for a future together. Meanwhile, Seol finds herself confronted with even darker realities of her situation, then concerned by how much learning a name can really change. 

Unnichan: So I think we can both agree this week in FantastiC turned out to be quite entertaining. This last episode especially had me cackling like a loon, over Hae Sung’s antics and the fantasy sequences, then, there’s the cutest sangchu couple around Mi Sun and her husband, Pil Ho.

E-Kun: I think that it is virtually impossible not to love something about FantastiC--as the title indicates, it is simply fantastic baby! *Big Bang dance break* Hae Sung is a total fool, Hong Joon Ki loves to play many a games, and the MD is having too much fun with this soundtrack! I am still not over Celine Dion blaring when Hyung sees Hae Sung came to find him! ♫Cause I’m your lady! And you are my man!♫ Kekekekekekeke.

Unnichan: Look, at first I was concerned with this MD because I have many a reason to be wary these days (think sageuk and several princes…). But first, it was the bike, the wind and Michael Bolton, then Hyung and Hae Sung’s Celine Dion alley hug, however my favorite had to be the Seol'd at first sight Lovin’ You. They love using Chang Suk hyung for these things and it's just perfect. Hyung’s crush might have me more caught up than Sang Wook’s noona notions. Though I think his preciousness might be piercing Seol’s heart a little bit. He’s just so adorably earnest.

E-Kun: Girl, Sang Wook, aka Dongsaeng is the most adorable thing I have seen all year (don’t quote me on that… This is the year of adorable)! He is always concerned for Baek Seol aka Noona-ssi.

Unnichan: Yea don’t think I’ll be repeating that but Sang Wook is special. I mean when he finds out she’s 7 years older, instead of being put off by her age, he tries to analyze plausible ways to not scare her away by appearing more grown man! Honestly, what are we going to do with this kid?!

E-Kun: I wonder how he is going to feel when he finds out his crush is his potential boss’s wife, and that his boss is the scum of the bottom of a bastard shoe. What I really want to know--when in hades is Seol going to roll?! I am tired!

Unnichan: All your questions remind me of the wonder behind a tootsie roll pop--- the world may never know. I am asking them too though. Every week I think “Oh this is it!”, those were angry eyes, she’s fed up! Then she goes back home, dawns that sad, The Housemaid apron and I’m deflated. I get that leaving your home and dissolving a marriage isn’t easy but it just seems to me that Seol should have been planning to leave for awhile now. Why bare their disregard and hatefulness? Her treatment is absolutely deplorable!

E-Kun: It is abominable! When he asked her why she wasn’t doing her “wifely duties” aka having sex with him, I was, stick a fork in me--done! You sleeping with the whole world--or at least that senator lady, you don’t need me to do anything but pray I don’t stick this “done fork” in you and your sister.

Unnichan: Oh I am totally with you on the “dereliction of duties.” I could barely breathe after he said that. How dare he throw the law at her, when he’s breaking vows left and right?! And I was sincerely hoping he wasn’t having a full on affair but with all the lies he paints about his marriage to outsiders, why not bold face it to his wife too? He’s definitely charming though, which is sickening at best but I guess that’s why he’ll make a decent politician, while his sister is just downright nasty.

E-Kun: Now that woman is… I am always speechless at her antics. I know we don’t know the answer, but why is she actively trying to ruin So Hye’s life?! Does she like Hae Sung? Was it about a man in the past? I hate to equate her issues to be as trivial as a man, but she would be the character to misconstrue something and hold a grudge until the end of time.

Unnichan: I also hate to relegate any woman to such petty corners but given what we’ve seen, she does seem like the type. And though we are not entirely sure, I do believe she’s holding a grudge against So Hye and Seol. I keep coming back to some type of jealousy. Like the fact that they are independent, happy, carefree women despite the fact they don’t have her privilege, makes her boil. For some reason I honestly believe it’s something that simple. She seems to hate both of these women and truly tries to thwart anything and everything that would afford them any sort of gain just because she feels entitled to do so. It’s like she wants to break their will or something. Make them crawl on their knees and admit they are unworthy to be in her world. It’s infuriating! She insights so much anger and *censored* moments during this show. 

E-Kun: You know what I always call her, but I am going to be good and not put it on paper. It is heartbreaking that she wants to keep other women down, being as though she is a woman herself--and a pretty influential one. It really bothers me when women do that to each other. Thankfully, we have Seol, Mi Sun, and So Hye being loving and kind to each other through and through. More than a bromance, I love seeing girlfriends being down for each other genuinely. Come hell or high water, they are for each other. Like when Hae Sung was asking Mi Sun for hook-up help, she was willing to help but told him if she ends up with Joon Ki… Boop Boop!

Unnichan: It’s true. Jin Sook preys on a person’s weaknesses (poor Sang Hwa) and the contrast is so great between the trio and their endearing, sincere friendship. A friendship that’s also stood the test of time, where they are genuinely supportive of one another. Seol and Mi Sun have So Hye’s back both professionally and personally. Mi Sun being clear about her stance to stand by So Hye’s choice was the testament of a true friend in my book (though I think Pil Ho is team Hae Sung). Too bad So Hye is playing everything so close to the vest that she nor Seol can tell that Dr. Moppyhead is no longer in the running. It’s a shame too, ‘cause I think she was developing some feelings before Hae Sung was cast back into her life.

E-Kun: And who wouldn’t?! I mean, there are some things with Joon Ki that make me go “Hmmm?”, but she has no reason for it. He is honest and open with her, attractive, and most of all, he respects her enough to know that at this point in their relationship, he is nothing more than a friend. *stabs him in the ribs* Hong Joon Ki smiling and playing games with Hae Sung is the B-E-S-T! He see’s that Hae Sung is easy to read and even easier to get under his skin. I would play many a jokes on his folly as well!

Unnichan: Every time I see Kim Tae Hoon, I can’t help but think of his brother (whom I adore), so it’s hard to see him as a true contender. Plus, I didn’t particularly care for his confession, though I don’t think he it was meant to annoy me. He picked up quickly that all her feelings are reserved for Hae Sung and I appreciate that he continues to encourage her to be open with him (while playing Hae Sung like a fiddle of course). Some of the best parts of the show are watching Joon Ki snicker as Hae Sung scrambles to come between he and So Hye. He’s a pretty great guy all things considered. I even enjoyed him sharing his own experience with his past relationship and his cancer. It didn’t get So Hye to act as quickly as I would have liked but it did give her some things to take into broader consideration.

E-kun: That is true. The positive callout is that she finally got to him and he understood why she was there. ♫Reunited and it feels so good! I love that Hae Sung was relentless in his pursuit to get So Hye back. He acknowledged that he made a mistake, he sincerely apologized, and resolved to do whatever it takes to have her back in his life--this is the type of reunification I can F’s with. Ha!

Unnichan: Hae Sung has been going to ♫work, work, work, work♫ for that So Hye. And I’m glad. The man’s improving his acting, unbinding his soul from the devil (Jin Sook), opened his house to their filming crew, was ready to give her all his cash, squashed some bad press and even hired her assistant. He’s realized and admitted how completely stupid he’s been for being manipulated and weak and even offered to be her part time lover… Not sure how much of that last bit he really meant, but that’s some real stuff right there for me! I really liked how he sympathized with Sang Hwa and imparted some wisdom from his experience. Now, all we can hope is that they are able to move forward and not allow that past to rubber neck into their present. So Hye has a few things are her bucket list she needs his help to accomplish and well, I pretty sure he meant what he said about her ideas being the best ones.

E-Kun: And to help keep this couple a float during this fragile time, we need Jin Sook to fall off a cliff… Wishful thinking. I am anxious for Hae Sung to find out about her cancer. I do not think that will deter him, but rather escalate his ambitions to be with her. He in the street singing ♫I will give everything I own…♫ already, he has proven there is nothing he wouldn’t do to have her in his life. *tear, tear*

Unnichan: GIRL! If we’re pulling out that classic Bread track, there's got to be a way to crush Jin Sook and keep Hae Sung and So Hye kissing beneath the moonlight.

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