FantastiC fans, our leading lady puts a halt to her love story, as the villain makes a case to protect the leading man, but just when you think the credits may roll on their short-lived romance, rationality is written back in to be our hero!

Happiness depends on circumstances and So Hye’s circumstances are a little tricky, especially in the area of love. So it makes complete sense that she believes her butterflies will undoubtedly transform to moths, the moment she tells Hae Sung about her condition. Cause who wouldn't want to bask in the colorful haze of love before reality melts it away with pity and sympathetic glances? That’s why when she chooses to keep what she refers to as her “ticking bomb” to herself, I understood. She wants to love and be loved. Loved solely for herself without all the added concerns of whether Hae Sung’s desire to stay with her is based on anything other than sheer bliss to be with her. Too bad Jin Sook finds out about the cancer and uses this revelation not only to break them up but kick her out of her home and job.

Seriously, that woman is just beyond all human decency and hope! She even has the nerve to spring this news on Hae Sung believing it would further the rift between them. The great thing though is he already knew so all her actions really did was deepen his conviction she has blood ties to Beelzebub.

But you see, my largest issue with many of the events of this week or the protection tactics of these women---So Hye breaking up with Hae Sung, trying to disappear and lying about not being willing to risk anything for him and Jin Sook resorting to blackmail and emotional manipulation, is simply because that was all supposedly to spare soft-hearted, innocent Hae Sung pain and heartache. Now let's be honest, Jin Sook is about nothing but the 돈 (dollars) and no amount of poisonous crocodile tears can disguise that but So Hye is a different story. However, what both of these women must not know or choose to overlook is that regardless of how tender and sweet and all around oblivious Hae Sung may be, he’s still an adult. A grown man who should be able to make choices for himself. And if anything Jin Sook said was true (and we know some of it was) he’s actually a pretty strong willed guy, who has made deliberate choices to be successful, kind and happy.

Hae Sung’s life choices are commendable in my opinion and choosing to fight for So Hye and educate himself is another great decision. Plus it's one that gives us more Dr. Hong and Hae Sung bromance bonding time. It’s no surprise Joon Ki has deep feelings for So Hye, but finding out he’s harbored them for so long and watching him trade his feelings just to stay in So Hye’s life, did give my rock a little chip. But, as always I did appreciate his honesty about his insecurities. His inability to speak up despite his cancer is a dilemma anyone in his position would wrestle with. Like Hae Sung, he’s made choices and those decisions have given him the wisdom to encourage So Hye to take more risks. And here we were preoccupied with Sang Wook’s noona notice.

Speaking of Seol, we finally hear from her that she doesn't have the will or confidence to break out of in-law prison. Sigh. Honestly I wish everyone in that house wasn't so unbearable and at the very least her cheating, scheming husband. He continues to be audacious with not only bringing his mistress into his house but having her in his room and most likely IN THEIR BED! But then, to actually become suspicious of Seol? I mean, is the woman also disallowed laughter and smiles?! And while I know her mental outburst was meant for giggles, I get no joy from watching her only fantasize about taking action. Truth is we don't really need her to give a cuss out or set fire to the rain house but we do need her to take a cogent stand for herself and her peace of mind.

I’m sure that is where Sang Wook is supposed to come in and sadly, this week his earnestly smitten self was sorely missed. Thankfully, Ji Soo is back onset and we'll see much more of him in the coming weeks but I’m sure I speak for us all when I say, we’d rather he be healthy with less Sang Wook screentime, than regress and have no Ji Soo at all! Hwaiting!!!

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