All is well in the love bubble of Hae Sung and So Hye, decked out with twin beds, couple rings, shared memories and heart to hearts. But with these two so happy, it's hard not to think there's a pin sharp enough to burst it. Meanwhile, Seol finally body slams her husband, then spends the night black and blue with a worried Sang Wook. Join E-kun and I as we discuss how much we truly hope everything will remain FantastiC.

Unnichan: Now that our couple is happily nesting, everything around them seems to be trying to fall apart. And after that psychic exchange, Hae Sung has become even worse with his Princess Protection methods.

E-kun: Girl, it is the most adorable thing since Sung Joon and Hye Jin in She was Pretty! I love to see him fawn over her and take such good care of her. But then, Show had to go and ruin my lovely happy lover time with 2 events; the Wicked Witch of Adonis Jin Sook and the heart dropping out of my tail scare of Hong Joon Ki!

Unnichan: Sigh. Jin Sook’s very existence bruises the brain. And we’ll have to come back to the cheery Doctor. But what about Sang Wook and Seol? He’s laid up in the bed like a wounded baby bear and she needs to get better at her poker face. Jin Sook is definitely going to put those pieces together before Seol packs her overnight.

E-Kun: I think she is making baby steps. Her husband was literally on the brink of raping her, and she did not stand for that foolishness! Then she went to the job and stirred up mess with his lover. Usually, I am not for showing out at the job, but she wasn’t really showing out and she seemingly accomplished her goal in creating a rift between them. Also, Sang Wook being laid up and sick was heartbreaking. Glad he found out what a piece of trash he really works for. Jin Sook, you have too much time on your hands… Why you always trying to run someone else’s life instead of living your own?

Unnichan: Evil Queen Adonis loves power. When it comes to everything in her life she can control, like those lower than her. I think with Seol, I just get irritated because she's been taking this treatment for years and she willingly allows it. And we haven't been a given plausible reason to justify it beyond the legalities of marriage. Even Jin Sook knows she could sweep them and yet Seol is still in the kitchen washing dishes! It just upsets me. However, Jin Sook and her ways got her a little surprise from Hae Sung and that made me happy.

E-Kun: I know right?! I love how he is ready to roll because *censored* is cray! What I loved even more was how So Hye has become his ride or die. This couple makes me happy because they discuss things with each other. From Jin Sook’s ploy to make Hae Sung sign with Adonis to her being able to talk about how the medication is giving her rashes. Now, when it comes to her cooking…

Unnichan: Look when she was tearing up the kitchen Mi Sun and I were having severe fire hazard concerns. But with the breakfast the next morning, I wasn't sure if she's just all around a terrible cook or if it was another cancer casualty. Either way, the scene was adorable, I just can't have them wasting food everyday. I do appreciate Hae Sung and So Hye's relationship. It's on the verge of enviable. Joon Ki sees that as well. Even as they bicker, they are communicating and that's some huge stuff. Wish Joon Ki would share more things with people who love him too.

E-Kun: Do we have to discuss Joon Ki? Just thinking about him… pools of tears are forming. Has he given up the will to live? I need answers!

Unicorn: I hope we get some but for now, I’d say it's not about will but want. I'm not sure he wants to fight anymore. I think he just wants to live and let be, whatever is to come.

E-Kun: Since he has been battling cancer for 5 years, I can understand as much as my feeble brain can comprehend. I am thankful that he is not only a great doctor, he is a good mentor/friend to So Hye and Hae Sung. Am I the only one who loves it when Hae Sung calls him “Hyung”?! Too funny!

Unnichan: Hae Sung is mess for that but I like that in many ways, Joon Ki truly is a Hyungnim in life and wisdom. His wisdom worries me, though, especially with all his foreboding will talk. He even told So Hye where it is. Which narratively was more for us to lift our brows at than anything else. I just didn't like it because it makes it feel more and more like we really may lose Joon Ki by the end of this show. However, getting a glimpse of Hae Sung’s will was PRICELESS.

E-Kun: Scarlett J. and Jennifer L. were Hae Sung Groupie hoes--I loved it! It is heartbreaking that every time So Hye thinks about what she wants to say to Hae Sung, she becomes overwhelmed and can’t--I totally get that. The will talk with Joon Ki got me to thinking on several facets; not only within the show, but in real life. We can invite the people we want at our funeral?

Unnichan: For me it’s more about who isn't invited. Like “This joker better NOT show up!” Lol. I have to agree with Joon Ki, the more you discuss what you want in death, the more you can assess what you want to do, who you want to see or where you want to be in life. He’s a great character to have around. And it seems like our characters will have several experiences with living and dying in the weeks to come.

E-Kun: And I am okay with that--as long as Joon Ki dies in episode 15 or 16 and not at the end of 10! Show, I got my plane ticket just in case. You are coming too, Unni!

Unnichan: I’m ready! Just tell me where and when.

E-Kun: While we are there, I have some places I want to visit--- but that's for another time. Before we depart, I wanted to get back to Seol and her brink of freedom. I hate to say it so cavalier-like, but her mother being sick and possibly dying can be the thread that breaks the bond with this *censored* family. I think the main reason for her staying around is because her mother needs treatment that she cannot bear financially.

Unnichan: Oh her mother is definitely the excuse she's using to stay and while it would be awful for her to lose her, seeing how her in-laws reacted to her need to make sure Mom was okay, I was frightened for a second she might stay and miss her last breath. I understand that when someone is deathly ill but keeps holding on, it can be annoying to those paying the bills but seriously you are talking to someone who loves this woman! I hope that whether Mom lives or dies Seol takes Sang Wook’s words and their actions to heart and puts some real value in herself.

E-Kun: Sang Wookie’s words were some of the best words Seol will probably hear in her life. It wasn’t even happening to me and I felt a twinge. I just hope he can get out of bed and love himself, too. Though, the truth that he learned was sickening to the stomach.

Unnichan: The revelation was clearly life-altering. After seeing those bruises there's no way he doesn't believe she's getting abused (and he’s right). But adding to that it's his mentor and boss, well those are some hard real world facts. I can't wait to see how they both deal. He's going to mature a bit from this situation and Seol will hopefully break free. All we need is for Joon Ki and So Hye live, the filming crew to get there props ups to safety code and Mi Sun and Pil Ho to keep the home down goodies stocked till the finale. 

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