These 3D Japanese Nail sets will make you cry because they're so pretty! Most of us have watched Alex and Kay create strange and unusual nail designs at Nail Shop Paris, but what about the designs that are actually pretty? Bows, gems, pearls and everything else girly can look extremely beautiful when combined and placed as decorations on your nails. It’s like your fingers are statement pieces and it’s a great conversation starter. Usually to get this kind of nail art done can be pretty expensive at a salon, and trying to do it on your own, gluing piece by piece can be annoying and a major fail.


A few months ago I found this really cute site that sells pre-made 3D art designed nails. All you have to do is browse through all the galleries and choose the set you like. The only catch is you have to measure your finger nails. This is the reason I haven’t bought a set yet because I haven’t actually taken the time to sit and measure my nails. I swear I’m going to because I really, really want a few sets! In my mind I can already hear all the compliments I'll get because of them, and I can already see random girls staring at them in complete awe! However, a set is a tad bit more expensive than store bought glue on nails. They run between $19 and $39, so I would suggest still going to a nail salon with them so they can be professionally applied. The last thing I and I'm sure you would want is to spend $39 on a set of nails and lose 2 of them your first week wearing them. That would be cause for a table flipping! Just look at some of these 3D nail sets below! Don't you just wanna claw at the screen?!









nail12 nail13



You can view more designs HERE and remember if you buy some email me your pictures and review at so I can show the world!! ^_^ KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE