The history of fashion has always been about being inspired by other cultures and their styles. But it seems as though some designers are taking things a little too literally, and in these specific cases, they have some Japanese citizens rolling on the floor.

Fashion is creative; it's a way of expression. But when it's not that well thought out and rearranged, it can look a little bit funny, to say the least. Some fashion designers who were inspired by Japanese culture might have had good intentions, but they ended up giving the people who belong to the culture of inspiration a good laugh.

Ultraman is not really associated with fashion, and neither is sumo wrestling. Some European designer obviously loves the Japanese superhero Ultraman because his latest collection for the brand Carven has Ultraman-inspired writing on his outfits. The font used for Ultraman is used exactly as is, except it spells out Carven! And next up are the sumo outfits for Astrid Andersen...

The traditional sport of sumo is about as far away from fashion as one can get. Sumo takes years of training and discipline to succeed, and it also has to do with eating until you can't eat anymore and getting as fat as you can. So this is a collection where models who are expected to be as skinny as possible flaunt your designs inspired by super fat Japanese men? Whatever the reason, I guess these designers think these wrestlers look amazing and their looks are FIERCE!!

Sometimes fashion is hard to understand; it's probably not even something that's meant to be understood. Because looking at these male models strutting down the runway in their sumo outfits, I'm just getting more and more confused.

Sumo wrestlers

Sumo-inspired models 

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Ultraman-inspired fashion 

Who knows?