Circle Lenses are all the rage! Have you heard of them? They're the go-to accessory to achieve that bright, wide-eyed doll look. They're extremely popular in Asian countries because they "open up" the eye to make them appear larger. However, many non-Asian girls also dig these lenses to help them achieve a more doll-like appearance. These lenses can make a girl look either super cute, or super creepy! Their popularity really seemed to boom here in the States when Lady Gaga flaunted a pair in her Bad Romance MV, remember that?


Circle lenses work by making the iris of the eye appear visually larger, and they come in a variety of colors and designs. One can spend hours on a site that sells circle lenses, just trying to decide what kind to purchase. Blue, a fun violet or gray color, what about a cool hurricane swirl design? Oh! Wait! They even have lenses that give your eyes a shimmery out-of-this-world look that will cause any guy who stares into them to fall into a dream-like state. I myself have spent a significant amount of time on lens retail sites browsing and contemplating if I should order a pair or not.


Two reasons as to why I never made a purchase: even though I rarely take my mothers advice, she did state if I wore them I'd look like a scary doll out of a horror movie because my eyes were already big enough; my friends also agreed that I'd look like a demented doll (-_-). I still say "whatever" to that.


There are some other downsides, too. Although they come in beautiful colors, and are totally visually appealing, they do come with some risks. You can do damage to your eyes if you just decide to order a pair without taking the proper precautions. Remember, they are contact lenses, so having the correct size for your eye is extremely important. Horror stories like lenses cutting a persons eye, causing vision impairment, and even blindness are all over the web! So go ahead indulge in this trend and be as cute as you want, but be safe and visit your eye doctor first before making a purchase will make you way cuter! Enjoy some of these fun circle lens photos I found below:






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