On Saturday, May 31st, actress Park Shin Hye posed as a muse for the “Love Bag” charity event with Bruno Magli at Atelier in Gangnam, Seoul. Park Shin Hye is known for her beneficent acts, and the Bruno Magli event proved once more that she has a heart of gold.

At 2:00PM, the Stella Ssinz Bag, filled with shoes and accessories, was sold for a mere 10,000 won (about 10 US dollars) for exactly one hour to those who made it on time. The total original retail price for the “Love Bag” is about $600 per bag, but the proceeds went to a charitable fund that aids children in need.

Park Shin Hye wore a simple white dress underneath a long, striped dress shirt - the perfect style coordination for this spring's pastel-tone trend. Check out the images from the event below!