The next stop on this train is not a grocery store, because it is one. We've heard of fast food but a recent picture from a tourist in Seoul, Korea of a subway car that was converted into a grocery store, shows that this may be one of the first supermarkets on wheels. In the picture, you can see a typical grocery store cold case filled with food you'd see in a grocery store, and even a cash register.

This isnt the first time Korea has come up with really cool new innovative ways to grocery shop in the subway. In 2011, they unveiled virtual supermarkets that let customers order their groceries virtually and have them delivered to their doorstep that night.

After posting this picture on Imgur, the tourist wrote this caption besides the photo, "Taking the under ground subway in Seoul. I stumbled upon a train that had been converted into a grocery store." We think this is the coolest train car and talk about the best way to get food on the go!