It's fair to say that it's fun to swap shoes, clothes or video games, but babies...maybe not the best idea. A man in Liuzhou, China was caught by the police after he posted a flyer saying that he wanted to trade his newborn baby boy for a girl. The man's surname is Liu and he already has an 11-year-old son.

His wife got pregnant with a second son, but the couple decided to have an abortion when they discovered it was a boy. When the couple conceived the third boy, they chose to keep him with the hopes that they could swap him for someone's newborn girl.

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The husband posted the flyer in the hospital and even included his phone number. Police were then able to track the man down to tell him that swapping babies was totally illegal. We definitely hope so. After getting caught, the man promised to raise his new baby boy, and hopefully the little guy will never find out about any of this!