New family drama, Father, I'll Take Care of You, doesn't just delight us with two romantic leading men but also highlight two brothers in hilarious sibling rivalry. The term, sibling rivalry, describes the intense competition between siblings that can continue from childhood to adulthood. There are definitely some outrageous antics involving the competing siblings in this drama.

(Spoiler Alert!) 

A little background first: The Han family, composed of grandmother, mom and dad, and three grown sons, appear to be an ordinary family. However, storm is brewing as all the adult children are on their way to come home to live.

As the drama begins, Moon Jung Ae (Kim Hye Ok) is dreaming of a wonderful retirement life with husband, Han Hyung Sub (Kim Chang Wan), with the extra income from renting out their first-floor apartment. Their family home, a modest three-story building in a nice neighborhood, is inhabited by the couple and the husband's mother.

Unfortunately, their oldest son, Han Sung Hoon (Lee Seung Joon from Descendants of the Sun), has fallen on hard times. When he was laid off, he foolishly invested in a business venture to sell penguins to Africa. (Yes, you read that right!) 

The business failure has led him, his wife, and two children to become homeless.

You may recognize the wife, Seo Hye Joo, played by Kim Sun Young (Wanted and Answer Me 1988).

The second son, Han Sung Sik (Hwang Dong Joo), and his wife, Kang Hee Sook (Shin Dong Mi), decide to move in to grab the apartment first, when they got wind of the parents' intent to allow the older brother and family to move in. 

This couple's outrageous antics made them the "villains" in this drama, although more often than not, they are so funny that I suspect the actors are enjoying playing their roles. 

Hee Sook is also a Korean "Tiger Mom" who pressures her teenage son to study hard in order to enter a prestigious university. Ironically, her son and the older brother's son are good friends and classmates. 

The youngest son of the Han parents, Han Sung Joon (Lee Tae Hwan from W and Thumping Spike), is also coming home. Fortunately, his conflict is more romantic in nature. You can read about the romance HERE.

There's more to the sibling rivalry of course. I've been watching the drama and highly recommend it.


Father, I'll Take Care of You

Starring Kim Jae Won and Park Eun Bin

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Do you have brothers or sisters? Have you experienced sibling rivalry? 

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