Father, I'll Take Care of You has been a delightful family Korean drama that has two romantic leading men, love triangle, funny family squabbles, sibling rivalry, secret revenge and more. There are also quite a few birth secrets along the way, with one even involving a Korean Tiger Mom.

(Spoilers Alert!)

Birth secret is a common mystery device among Asian dramas, but the 50-episode Father, I'll Take Care of You is taking it to the next level. Let's count how many there are, and the drama isn't over yet!

1. Switched at Birth

Each of the two Han family brothers involved in sibling rivalry has a son. It turned out that the two young teenagers, Chang Soo and Ji Hoon, were switched at birth by mistake.

When their birth secret is accidentally discovered, it makes a very poignant scene because none of the parents can decide what to do. Do they embrace their biological son and give up the other one they've raised and loved from birth? Eventually they let the children choose. Ji Hoon and Chang Soo actually choose to switch for very different reasons. The other family members are shocked but at least they're still one big family living in the same building, which is the premise of this family drama with a large ensemble cast.

What's ironic is that Chang Soo and Ji Hoon are the opposites on academic aptitude. So now, top-of-the class student Ji Hoon's former mother, the Korean Tiger Mom who previously devoted everything toward her son's education, is totally crushed because her "real" son is perennially ranked at the bottom of the class.

She then discovers that Chang Soo is naturally gifted in singing and has the potential to become a world-class opera singer. 

Tiger Mom immediately gets on the move with sending Chang Soo to voice lessons. She even sells her sister-in-law's heirloom furniture, without asking for permission, in exchange for a piano. 

(Shin Dong Mi, the actress playing the tiger mom, really delivers in her hilarious antics, so much so that she is almost outshining all other characters including the romantic couples.)

2. Is he or isn't he the missing brother?

Han Sung Joon, played by the very adorable Lee Tae Hwan from W and Thumping Spike, is the third son in the Han family. Earlier on, viewers are told that he is actually a child from Papa Han's love affair. 

But then the story brings in a mysterious development: Maybe he is actually mystery man Lee Hyun Woo (Kim Jae Won)'s long-lost brother. His real identity could make a big difference because Lee Hyun Woo has a revenge plan against the Han family.

(We viewers are still kept in the dark at this time. After all, we're only at episode 31.) 

3. Who is she? 

When we first meet Oh Dong Hee (Park Eun Bin), she is pursuing her good-for-nothing brother in Taiwan to recover money he absconded from the family headed by Grandma Oh. Then we learn that she is the granddaughter of her grandmother's brother. Her parents died in a car accident, only Dong Hee survived.

But maybe there's more to the secrecy of her birth: Grandma Oh is always whispering to someone over the phone and she also gets rattled whenever she sees the powerful chairman who owns the company that Dong Hee works for.

But let's not stop there!

4. Birth secrets are popular in romance comedies?

Oh Dong Hee is an aspiring writer. By luck, or by the hand of the scriptwriter goddess, she is working at a media company and reports to her cousin-in-law, Han Sung Joon, who is in love with her.

When she is asked to submit a script for a new drama, an investor asks her to insert a birth secret into the plot. The investor is none other than Lee Hyun Woo, possibly Sung Joon's real older brother and possibly a brokenhearted villain.

It means that there are at least three birth secrets related to Dong Hee, and her lover Sung Joon has his own birth secret to contribute.

Oh Dong Hee (Park Eun Bin) really takes the grand prize in birth secrets! 

And the drama is still getting more interesting.

According to Lee Hyun Woo, the wealthy investor from Wall Street, "People want birth secrets in romance comedies."

He's probably right, because I'm hooked and still thoroughly enjoying Father, I'll Take Care of You.


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Before I forget, the family drama that has everything also has a very cute and very tall dog named Moong Chi.

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