Any cute plushy is a must have for K-drama and K-pop fans. There's not a drama out there that doesn't feature some sort of super cute stuffed animal or pillow pet thing. It's kind of a rule that if you want to be super cute, you need to have super cute stuffed animal/plushy in your room -- and this includes food plushies. Even Yoon Si Yoon had stuffed animals in his room. They were given to him by fans, but they were displayed so nicely on a shelf! If you missed out on seeing Yoonies bedroom, just check out episode 8 of Barefoot Friends.

yoonies bedroom

On my quest for all that is cute in the world, I came across a collection of food cuteness on Etsy! I couldn't help myself, I ordered Graham the s'more because I needed to have him! I also ordered him because I'm selfish and knew if I shared this with you all, I'd risk losing my own Graham forever!

smore1 smore2

If that's not cute enough, what about these cupcakes?! It's like everyone needs a collection of smiling cupcakes!

smore7 smore10 smore8

If s'mores and cupcakes don't fit into your diet don't worry! You can get happy strawberries and pears instead!

smore3 smore5 smore4 smore6

Gimme carbs rawr! (-_-) This pretzel is so freakin cute!!


All of these food cuties are handmade and can be purchased here. I'll make sure to post a photo on Twitter of Graham when he arrives in the mail

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE