It's going be a special holiday season for One Piece fans around the world, and especially for those who live in Japan. According to the popular anime's official website, the franchise's very first feature-length winter special will air in December on a major network, and fans of the best-selling manga in history can hardly wait.

Boasting a staggering 320 million copies sold worldwide, One Piece is like no other manga in history. Since its debut in Weekly Shonen Jump in July of 1997, manga artist Eiichiro Oda's creation has seen explosive success in not only manga books, but pretty much all forms of media, including publishing, video games, anime, film, and even live-action kabuki theater. The funny and colorful characters of One Piece and their numerous adventures never seem to get old, with millions of fans eagerly waiting for whatever new stories Oda and his production team come up with.

Therefore, when an announcement was just recently made on One Piece's official website about an upcoming winter special set to air on Fuji Television on December 19, Japanese fans were thrilled, to say the least. Titled One Piece ~ Adventure of Nevlandia, the two hour and ten minute special is a brand new, original story, with Monkey D. Luffy and the Strawhats gang happening upon a mysterious fog island in the New World where they will once again face their nemesis, the reloaded and reinforced Foxy Pirates. What adventures await the Strawhats, and who's going to prevail? Just who are these new Foxy Pirates? Answers to these questions and more will be revealed on December 19 to all the fans who are lucky enough to be in Japan for the holidays.

A crazy voyage awaits.

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