There is a very good reason why the Huashan Teahouse in China has been voted the most dangerous restaurant in the world. In order to get to it, you have to go on one of the most terrifying hikes on the planet. One brave photo blogger documented the incredibly dangerous journey to the top of the mountain, and the results may leave you feeling more than a little lightheaded.

The teahouse has significant historic implications as it was initially a Taoist temple. The journey includes climbing up incredibly steep stairs, clinging to chains with small foot holes for climbing, walking wooden planks that look about as sturdy as paper plates, winding through meager and narrow passageways, and even going for a nerve-wracking gondola ride. Follow the life-threatening journey to the top of the mountain and ask yourself the important question, "Do I need green tea that bad?"

The climb begins at "Heavenly Stairs," which really look more like heart-attack stairs.

More pictures of the stair climb.

Then the breathtaking gondola ride to the southern peak of the mountain.

Ok these are the "boards" you have to walk across which would really only be fit for a scurvy pirate.

Anyone wishing to cross these planks has to hold on with these chains.

Crossing paths with someone coming the other way is pretty much the scariest thing of all time.

Then you have to continue down the narrow passageways marked by flags.

This person has to be thinking, "I think I hate tea now."

People have to then repel themselves using tiny foot holes and metal spikes as guides.

The long pathway that brings travelers to the peak.

You made it to the top! Oh sorry, they're out of tea. JUST KIDDING! You should probably just live there.

Here is one man's video record of the insane hike: