Park Joon Hyung

Today Park Joon Hyung left Son Ho Young a comforting message following news of Young's apparent suicide attempt.

Hyung wrote a message on his twitter page, “Everyone as you all know it is very difficult for our Ho Young right now. It is very saddening that as an older brother, seeing my younger brother like this, I am unable to do anything for him.”

Following this statement, Park Joon Hyung requested, “The only thing I can do is pray and always be there for him no matter what the cause. So everyone please do that as well.”

Also, Park Joon Hyung gave a warning to hateful commenters, “On behalf of those hurting because of this incident, I ask that you place yourself in their shoes and please refrain from writing any unhelpful comments.” Adding, “I love you Ho Young.”

Son Ho Young recently ended his relationship with his girlfriend of one year, who committed suicide earlier this week. On May 23, Son Ho Young cried through her entire funeral procession in both shock and sadness.

Early this morning, Son Ho Young was discovered by a passer-by after trying to commit suicide in a church parking lot in Seoul Yong San Seobing-dong. The singer was evacuated to the hospital impacted by the shock.

It was revealed that Son Ho Young received immediate treatment at Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital’s Emergency Center and that his life was not at risk. Afterwards, he was moved to the intensive care unit where the entrance was guarded by hospital and agency personnel in order to prevent contact with the outside world. Personnel stated, “He is recovering consciousness. He will be staying for about 2 to 3 days.” (source: nate news, newsen)