Another talented Korean artist has gotten recognized internationally, this time in the world of comics. Choi Kyung Jin, who goes by her pen name Ancco, was selected as the winner of one of the world's most coveted comic book awards, becoming the first Korean artist to win the Prix Revelation at the Angouleme International Comics Festival.

Taking place in Angouleme, France, the world-renowned Angouleme International Comics Festival is now in it's 44th year. And, for the first time in the festival's history, a Korean artist was recognized for her talents. This pioneer of Korean comics is named Choi Kyung Jin, better known in comic book circles as Ancco. Having made her debut in 2003 with web cartoon series, Ancco's Picture Diary, the talented creator has since been immersing herself in her work. In 2012, her autobiographical comic about adolescence and growing up called Bad Friend was published in Korea, and last year, it was translated into French. "I used to consider myself to be someone who led a weird, lonely life in Korea," Ancco was quoted as saying. " But now I am here. This is, I think, the power of comics." The award she was presented with, the Prix Revelation, is given every year to emerging comic book artists who have only gotten published three works or less.  

Being recognized at one of the top international comic book awards festivals is definitely something to celebrate. But being the first artist, or first anything for that matter, from your country to accomplish something that no one ever has is truly a very big deal. 

Congratulations Ancco! 


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