A Tokyo assemblyman has apologized for heckling a fellow councilwoman during a recent assembly session. Akihiro Suzuki came under fire when he shouted out, "Why don't you hurry up and get married?" during Ayaka Shiomura's speech about the struggles of working mothers. The comments were recorded and immediately drew harsh criticism as they aired several times in Japanese media.

Akihiro Suzuki has since tried to backtrack from his comments saying that he was referencing women in general, "Lightheartedly, I hoped women will get married soon because I thought that might alleviate the problems we face in Japan of low birth rates and late marriage,” he said.

Akihiro Suzuki is the only politician who has apologized for his comment to the assemblywoman, but many more politicians heckled Ayaka Shiomura, including one who called out, "Can’t you even bear a child?" Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe recently made an indirect apology for the comments because the heckling council members were from his Liberal Democratic party.

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