I've never run a marathon in my life, but I have stood on the sidewalk a number of times and cheered on the athletes as they ran right by me. For those who run such long distances, cheering onlookers (like me) can sometimes inspire them to keep on pushing themselves to finish the race, and to improve on their best personal times. But at a marathon that recently took place in Taiwan, organizers wanted the participants to be more than inspired—they wanted them to be scared.

On December 8, a marathon took place in the Taiwanese port city of Keelung, and by all means, it was a successful event. What the organizers and runners were most happy about was that many of the participants had the best race of their lives, recording personal bests for finishing a marathon. The reason so many ran faster than usual, according to the organizers, was the presence of one spooky onlooker who was scaring the runners on. About midway through the marathon, runners were greeted by a female ghost who was standing alone by the side of the road, and this, of course, freaked many of the athletes out. A number of them, despite how tired they already were from covering such long distances, increased their speed as they ran from the ghoulish girl, trying their best to get away from her as fast as they could. Yes, they were running for their lives.

Maybe this creepy cheerleader can fly with the Taiwanese national team to Tokyo for the next Olympics!

Come to me~


Definitely picking up the pace

Running on his way to record time

She's actually a dinosaur in real life

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