Calling all fantasy geeks! The highly-anticipated Chinese fantasy drama Ice Fantasy, starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song, is coming soon to DramaFever, and we have special behind-the-scenes footage that gives you a sneak peek at all the upcoming glory! 

Ice Fantasy is set a hundred years after a war between the Empire of Snow (Ice Tribe) and the Fire Tribe, where the Fire Tribe was defeated. However, the war was fatal, leaving Prince Ka Suo (Feng Shao Feng) and his younger half-brother Ying Kong Shi the only royal heirs and pure-blooded ice illusionists left in the Ice Tribe. Conflict ensues after Ka Suo reluctantly ascends to the throne as his lover, Li Luo (Victoria Song), and his brother go missing.

BTS with Feng Shao Feng 

Doesn't he make the perfect elf king? 

BTS with Victoria Song

Doesn't she look amazing in her action scenes? 

Does something about the drama seem familiar? The production team hired the Academy Award-winning Lord of the Rings set designer Dan Hennah to design the sets.

I can't wait for more! Ice Fantasy is coming to DramaFever on July 24! Add it to your queue now!

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Ice Fantasy - 幻城

Starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

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