In DramaFever's newest historical romance drama, Prince of Lan Ling, Chinese actor Feng Shao Feng portrays Gao Chang Gong, a true historical figure and one of the three famous "Most Beautiful Men" in the long history of ancient China. The prince was famous not just for his beautiful face, but also for his kindness and heroism, and Feng Shao Feng is the perfect fit.

To portray a man with the unique blend of beauty and bravery, so few actors possess all the necessary qualities to make the Prince of Lan Ling come alive that only China's top leading actor, Feng Shao Feng, could fit the bill. At 35, Feng is perfect for the difficult role.

Feng is known as China's "Number One Young Master" due to his many successful roles playing handsome and wealthy heirs. Aside from having the handsome face and physique to look statuesque in the lavish costumes, Feng also needed to show fighting skills and strength in battles matching the Prince's heroic fame in Chinese history. The Prince of Lan Ling is most famous for a battle where he led 500 cavalrymen to fight through an embattled city surrounded by 100,000 of enemy soldiers. Once inside, he had to take off the gruesome mask he wore for battles so that he could be recognized. The soldiers in the city rejoiced at his arrival and were filled with courage. They opened the gates and defeated the enemy. To celebrate the victory, soldiers created a dance wearing masks, and this dance survived more than 1,400 years later to today.

But let's not forget that romance is the top theme for the drama, Prince of Lan Ling, and for loyal DramaFevers viewers. Feng also needed to display his gentle loving side to woo the beautiful divine sorceress played by Ariel Lin.

Let's see how the Prince first attracted the attention of Yang Xue Wu (Ariel Lin), an innocent village girl who was a descendant of the Divine Sorceress.

*Spoilers in the following scenes

He meets her in a pool filled with rose petals.

(That's me looking awed at the incredibly beautiful scenery!)

He fights to protect her, to her surprise of course.

He leads his warriors to fight a battle, but wears a gruesome mask to hide his beautiful face.

He can shoot.

If looks could kill...

He can kiss.

He can kiss under water to save his beloved.

Best of all, he loves only one woman in an era when he could have countless women...

Although DramaFever says the Prince of Lan Ling series has 46 episodes, each episode is only 45 minutes. Therefore, I think of it as a 23-episode series as I can easily watch 2 episodes at a time. Actually, it's not a shame to admit that I am a marathon watcher too, especially when it comes to watching a beautifully produced show. The first half of the series is particularly full of swashbuckling fun and memorable encounters with a comedic touch between the Prince and his Divine Sorceress.

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