Feng Shao Feng has won Best Actor at China's prestigious Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Awards. Find out more about the unusual film the handsome actor from Ice Fantasy and Prince of Lan Ling won for, and which awards were won by the other well-known stars such as Li Yi Feng and Angelababy.

Feng Shao Feng is awarded Best Actor in the Leading Role for the film Wolf Totem on September 24, at the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival Awards. 

Other winners at the prestigious film awards include: Actress Xu Qing is awarded Best Actress in the Leading Role for the acclaimed film Mr. Six. Rising actor Li Yi Feng is award Best Actor in the Supporting Role also for Mr. Six. Actress Angelababy is awarded Best Actress in the Supporting Role for the movie The Ghouls.

Wolf Totem (aka as Le Dernier Loup) is based on Chinese writer Lu Jiamin's bestselling and semi-autobiographical book. The period drama, set in the late 1960s, is about a student who was sent to China's Inner Mongolia to teach the locals about shepherding sheep, but instead learned to respect wolves and the need to co-exist with wolves. Unfortunately, the existence of wolves was rapidly threatened by humans who did not understand the value of wolves, and the wolves' habitat was also encroached by sheep farming.

The movie is a Chinese-French co-production, directed by French director Jean-Jacques Annaud.

Feng Shao Feng recently completed Ice Fantasy, his first TV drama since Prince of Lan Ling in 2013. Ice Fantasy also stars f(x)'s Victoria Song as a guardian warrior who falls in love with Feng Shao Feng's Prince Ka Suo of the Ice tribe. Singer-actor Ma Tian Yu stars as the enigmatic Prince Shi

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Ice Fantasy - 幻城

Starring Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song

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Are you enjoying Ice Fantasy? Who is your favorite character? Who is the least favorite?

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