Rainie Yang pretty Rainie Yang, whose latest drama Drunken to Love You has broken the recent trend of low-rated Twdramas, talks about how she discovered that a man she was dating was cheating on her. Ender's Girl, who writes one of the most hilarious blogs I've ever read, recently reviewed the (in)famous Japanese film Koizora, a teen romance based on a mobile phone novel which garnered 20 million subscriptions and became a national phenomenon. The plot, in a word, is essentially all the Nicholas Sparks novels rolled into one with some extra melodrama added in, you know just in case there might be some realism still left in there somewhere. Ariel Lin has decided to take a long break from the entertainment world: she won't be filming any more dramas and has no plans to release a new album. She confirmed the existence of a boyfriend, but said the main reason for the break is that she doesn't want her brain cyst to return (she was diagnosed with a brain cyst three years ago which was surgically removed). Vanness Wu recently asked his good friend and former fellow F4 member Vic Zhou to record the rap portion of his latest song, and to everyone's surprise Vic not only agreed but did a fantastic job (seriously, is there anything the man can't do?) Miss Ripley's ratings are going up at the same time that its competitor Babyfaced Beauty ends - can it snag the top spot as Miri's secrets start to be revealed? Inoue Mao will star in an upcoming morning drama, depicting the life of a cheerful young woman during the turbulent Showa period (1926-1989) plagued by the effects of the Second World War. Finally, Protect the Boss, which will debut August 3 and stars Ji Sung and Jaejoong, has released a teaser and some behind-the-scenes photos and held its first script reading.