[caption id="attachment_2588" align="alignleft" width="360" caption="Kim Nam Gil"]kim_nam_gil_QSD[/caption] Viewers of this season's smash Chuno were perplexed to see Lee Da Hae's chest blurred out, even though she was fully clothed! The popularity and sensuality of the series has made Lee even more of a sex symbol, but the censorship decision is perplexing because the blurred area...isn't showing anything besides some possible cleavage. Is there a savvy producer behind the scenes using fake censorship to pump up ratings even more? See the too-hot-for-TV screen captures, and decide for yourself! Besides Lee Da Hae's lower neck, know what else you won't see on Chuno? Kim Nam Gil. Despite rumors to the contrary, a Chuno producer told interviewers that the Queen Seon Duk star will NOT appear on the drama, but Jung Ho Bin (QSD, Boys Over Flowers) will. In other disappearing news, Nam Sang Mi has bailed from the upcoming Life Is Beautiful. The drama, penned by hit-maker Kim Soo Hyun, was set to start filming in only a couple of weeks, and so far no one is giving a clear reason why Nam left (or was pushed). When asked, producers and Nam basically said, "it's complicated." And yes, there was even more news about things you WON'T see on TV--Taecyeon, who just announced his drama debut in Cinderella's Sister, says that he will not have an on-screen romance with SNSD's Yoona on Family Outing 2 when the reality-based variety show returns in about a month. Oops! When Becky (Detective Conan) shared the stage with Lee Byun Hun at a recent awards ceremony, she was asked what she thought of the Iris star. Becky blurted out, "isn't he engaged?--" and then immediately caught herself and ran offstage. Lee's epic and very public problems with his ex-girlfriend of course have been tabloid fodder for months! Im Joo Hwan is taking time before his new drama What's Up is released to star in a special mini-series called Hyunhaetan Marriage War. The two-part romance will be filmed in Korea and Japan, and costars Japanese TV panelist Rie. Good news for Americans looking forward to seeing Le Grand Chef 2! The film, starring Jin Goo (Swallow the Sun) and Kim Jung Eun (On Air) and opening today in Korea, will screen on 25-30 screens in 20 cities in the States starting February 12th. Finally, here's a corny but funny video from Show Luo's recent appearance on the comedy-variety show Azio Superstar. Mangled English madness at its goofiest!