Cinderella's Sister begins tonight in Korea, but if you just can't wait, the drama has released a music video showing Sister footage over Yesung's It Has To Be You. Even without any dramatic context, there's a lot going on here: tears! slap fights! shirtless batting practice! A late note on the recent Baeksung awards: apparently So Ji Sub arrived dressed in an army uniform--perhaps a promo for Road No. 1? Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En have finished their contracts with the Taiwanese network SETTV, and reportedly will be much more visible on television now that they can appear on other channels. In fact, rumors are already circulating that Chen has been cast in a drama co-starring Joe Cheng called I Love Cha Mei Le. Ha Si Eun played Lee Jong Hyuk's wife on Chuno, but if you saw her challenging performance on that drama you may not recognize her as the sensuous babe on the cover of this month's Maxim! Kim Ha Neul talks about acting while injured, her ideal type of man, and what the heck happened to her eye in a new video interview. Park Shin Hye is back to the boyish look she made famous in a pretty, unique, Parent Trap-style photo shoot for Vogue Girl. Finally, 2PM's Wooyoung was easily defeated in a martial arts contest against the human 6-pack, Chuno's Jang Hyuk, on the new episode of Win Win--all the details are right here!