On this week's episode of the variety/talk show Win Win, Chuno's Jang Hyuk opened up about what he called "the biggest crisis" of his life. In 2004, he and Song Seung Hun attempted--and for a while succeeded--in faking out the Korean government's health tests for mandatory military service. Read highlights of the interview, including how he was treated once he was caught and entered the service, right here. Gong Yoo is finally making his acting comeback after a series of modeling gigs following his release from the military. Gong will star on the big-screen in the romantic comedy Finding Kim Jong Wook. In other comeback news, Kim Hye Soo is said to be close to sealing the deal on Villain on the Second Floor, a dark rom-com that would be her first movie role since appearing in the big-budget flop Modern Boy two years ago. Another piece has fallen into place for Athena, the action-packed IRIS spinoff, which starts filming in June. Su Ae has accepted one of the two female lead roles, as a cool-as-a-cucumber profiler for South Korea who becomes a double agent for a secret organization. You may recall that Han Ji Hye was cast in a Chinese drama as a Korean woman who travels to China in search of her mother. A few stills from the show have just been released, so if you're you're curious about the show, set to premier in November, check them out here! There's a lot of talk online right now about Tyrese Gibson's production company running a craigslist ad calling for young Asian-Americans to be cast in a reality TV series. Some people are dismissing the as-yet nonexistent show as a crude ripoff of Jersey Shore, but the actual ad is much more vague, calling for participants in a "reality show similar to JERSEY SHORE, REAL WORLD, THE HILLS." Those shows that aren't really that similar aside from belonging to the "reality tv" genre--Jersey Shore is exploitation, sure, but a Koreatown version of The Hills could be pretty interesting. What do you think? We've put up a poll to the right above the newsfeeds. Add your opinion, and who knows? You could help shape the direction of the new show. Finally, I can't wait to see more from Han Ye Seul's May Elle photo shoot, called A Nun in Restraint. For now we just have one pic, but it's a great one. More photos from the shoot, which is said to capture a woman torn between her opposite natures as a nun and a witch, should be out soon--I hope!