[caption id="attachment_2877" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Kim Hee Sun"][/caption] You're Beautiful's Jung Yong Hwa was traveling with his band C.N. Blue when a crush of fans reportedly grabbed group leader Lee Jong Hyun, pulling at his sweater and almost knocking him down. The group's manager has just apologized for what happened next: watch it again and again and again right here. The highly anticipated musical university drama What's Up is holding open auditions for secondary cast members! From over 10,000 applications, 200 lucky finalists were selected and will be revealed on the show website. The epic 50-episode historical drama Dong Yi has begun filming. The very first scenes shot by Jewel in the Palace director Lee Byung Hoon were those of Dong Yi as a young girl. Shining Inheritance's Lee Seung Ki has been studying Japanese in order to become a crossover hallyu star in the country where he recently held a highly successful fan meeting. Smile Again's Kim Hee Sun is reportedly on the verge of signing on to a new medical history drama. If everything goes according to plan, she'll make her comeback alongside Hero's Lee Jun Ki in the series, which explores the history of Asian medicine and is tentatively called Faith. A catalog full of new pics of Yoon Eun Hye looking chic and casual for Basic House China have made their way online--check them out here, and then find out how in an alternate reality Yoon could have become her Baby V.O.X. partner Kan Mi Youn's sister-in-law! New plot details and the official poster have emerged for Influence, the online fantasy epic starring Lee Byeong Heon and Han Chae Young. Han and Lee play time-traveling lovers, all the while Lee is "stuck in an aquarium." Created by Beethoven Virus director Lee Jae Gyoo, the film will be released next month. Finally, we leave you with a few fan snapshots of Kim Hyun Joong managing to look cool even in sweatpants at the airport.