[caption id="attachment_3472" align="alignleft" width="312" caption="Kang Ji Hwan"][/caption] Kang Ji Hwan will return to Kdrama after a 2-year hiatus in the SBS drama Page 1, producers say. Although he appeared briefly in Style, Kang hasn't had a major drama role in some time. Directed by Pyo Min Su from The World That They Live In, Page will feature Kang as a writer who skyrocketed to fame with a series of blockbusters, and his relationship with the CEO of his publishing house, played by Park Si Yeon. Page 1 will begin taping later this month. A new daily drama called Three Sisters will replace SBS' Wife Returns, and marks the return to television for Myung Se Bin--her first since her divorce two years ago. Promoted as "touching and lively," the new show actually follows six women--two groups of three sisters each--and features Myung as a woman who sacrifices herself to care for her family. Fans who can't wait for the upcoming So Ji Sub/Kim Ha Neul/Yoon Kye Sang war drama Road No. 1 to begin this summer will want to check out a few new images shown on a recent episode of the variety show Section TV. Some pretty crazy-looking jeans that 2PM's Changmin promoted for Jambagee have become wildly successful. In fact, department stores nationwide are completely sold out of the "Iconic Denim" series, featuring what looks to be an acid wash with white dragons all over the legs. Lee Byung Hun, recently nominated for a "Best Fight" award at the MTV Music Video Awards for his work on G.I. Joe, ran into Donnie Yen last week at the Asia Influential Awards in Sichuan, China. The Korean superstar and the Hong Kong actor/director/producer had kind words for each other, both saying they enjoyed the other's work. Finally, some fresh summery photos from Yoon Eun Hye, taking a break from acting to take some charming pics for Basic House China.