[caption id="attachment_3499" align="alignleft" width="256" caption="Lee Soo Kyung"][/caption] Kim Hee Seon, set to star in the drama Faith this year, is asking fans not to trust persistent internet rumors that she shot ads for Chinese cosmetics brand VOV. China's VOV has been accused of trademark infringement by the Korean cosmetics brand, also called VOV. Park Seon Young shows off her wedding dress in a new photo for Vera Wang, whose house designed the dress. Park will marry an "international diplomat" at the end of May, after dating him for 7 years! Lee Soo Kyung has been cast in the upcoming rom-com My Country Calls. The series arrives as the winner of an open scriptwriting contest held by KBS last year, and will replace Birth of the Rich when that drama concludes. So Ji Sub calls it a "drama you can't miss." As one of the stars of Road No. 1, he might be a bit prejudiced, but there are tons of people who can't wait for the epic war drama to begin in June. New behind-the-scenes video shows the poster photo shoot and much more--check it out here! Chen Qiao En says she couldn't believe the news when told that her hopes to star in a movie would be realized with Chow Yun Fat as co-star! Their film, The Breakup Expert, is set to start filming in June. A Man Called God supposedly had to rely on fan club funds to finance a shoot in Hawaii, and another sign that the drama--and others--are hurting for money these days are their incorporating product placement into the scripts. Check out this article on the practice. I can't decide if showing the actual products, as is commonplace in the States, is more or less annoying than shoehorning catchphrases into scripts. Finally, a couple of candid snapshots of catching Yoon Eun Hye during her recent cute, summery shoot for Basic House.