[caption id="attachment_2634" align="alignleft" width="320" caption="Lee Da Hae in CHUNO"]Lee-Da-Hae-CHUNO[/caption] Lee Da Hae has been getting an incredible amount of flak for her physical appearance on the stylized historical fusion drama Chuno. Some viewers say that she doesn't look gritty enough to be a runaway slave, others that her fingernails are too shiny, and there continue to be dust-ups when she shows a hint of cleavage (the criticism got even louder when her cleavage was blurred). In response to the fury--and perhaps thinking that her co-stars Oh Ji Ho and Jang Hyuk show their share of skin too--Lee told KBS' Entertainment Tonight, "I want to be a male actor in my next life." Jang Geun Suk opened his fan meeting in Seoul by performing Without Words, from the soundtrack of You're Beautiful. The meeting with 3,000 in attendance also included a Q and A session, and you can see videos from the day's events right here. The Korean film and drama star Kim Yun Jin, best known to American audiences as Sun on Lost, is creating her own talent management company which will combine American and Korean business practices. Kim described her strategy for snagging the Lost role (she played hard-to-get), and talked about her future plans as the series concludes in a recent interview here. Moon Chae Won (Shining Inheritance) rocked out for Hillfiger Denim in a new photo spread with the slogan "Jeans fit for an actress." So Ji Sub fans will want to check out this newly-translated interview with the Cain and Abel star for Vogue Nippon in which he talks sex appeal, his approach to new roles, and whether he has his sites set on Hollywood. Will Pan (Miss No Good) will reunite with Hi My Sweetheart producer Chai Zhi Ping for a new drama. Chai says that she is looking to hire Korean writers for the new series, hoping that they will bring a fresh perspective rather than simply retread a typical idol drama plot. Lee Ji Ah (Style) didn't let a leg cast stop her from traveling to Cambodia on a volunteer mission. Her trip was captured by the news program Danbi and aired this Sunday. Finally, all you IRIS fans will want to catch a new parody video in which we find out what really drives Lee Byung Hun nuts!