[caption id="attachment_3305" align="alignleft" width="224" caption="Han Ji Hye"][/caption] Shining Inheritance star Lee Seung Ki will return to television this summer in a new drama written by the famed Hong Sisters, titled My Girlfriend is a Fox with Nine Tails. Plot details are scarce and a bit mysterious: presumably romance will play a big part in the story of a man who first is "afraid of the fox," but then comes to love her. Also a mystery for now is who will play the title vulpine. Thriller fans should have a look at the new trailer for Bad Guy, starring Kim Nam Gil. The trailer features Nam Gil in a standoff on a bridge with Kim Jae Wook; set to be filmed in Japan and Jeju Island, the drama premiers this May. Following Lee Min Ho on Twitter? No, you're not! Even though Lee doesn't have an account yet, 70,000 people are following the fake Lee--making the anonymous fake even more popular than most real celebrities! A few new pics were released from the "opening ritual" of the Chinese drama Paradise Embroidery, starring Han Ji Hye and Lu Yi. The drama, filmed in Suzhou and featuring the traditional art of embroidery, is set to air beginning in November. In the shadow of a high-profile rape investigation that has gripped Korea, R&B singer Kim Bum Soo drew fire for comments he made on the radio Monday that when he was younger he would routinely walk closely behind women "giving the impression that they were being followed." After numerous listener complaints, the Korea Communications Commission will decide what, if anything, to do next. New photos from the set of Prosecutor Princess have emerged, and co-stars Kim So Yeon and Han Jung Soo are looking completely adorable. The pics came in two sets: check out the first batch here, and the second here. Legend's Lee Da Hee (aka "not Lee Da Hae") has been cast as the lead in Birdie Buddy, co-starring with drama newcomer UEE. Finally, some cute new pics from So Ji Sub's website, showing the actor fooling around with candy canes and other sweets as a virtual White Day gift for his fans.