[caption id="attachment_2684" align="alignleft" width="320" caption="Chris Wu"][/caption] She’s back! After running out on Life is Beautiful just days before shooting would begin, Nam Sang Mi (Gourmet) has returned to the set. The reasons for her departure and return remain unknown, but assuming she stays put Nam will star in the Jeju Island-based family romance starting March 13th. God of Study fans can't take it! Evidently, romantic suspense is pure torture to some viewers who are complaining about the ending of a recent episode. I don't want to give anything away--I'm just going to say it involves a possible kiss and an ambiguous camera angle. All the spoiler-ific details are right here. We brought you news earlier that Lee Byung Hyun (IRIS) and Han Chae Young (Boys Before Flowers) are starring in an online three-part movie called Influence. Now a few more plot details have emerged about the time-travel romance, uploaded to a computer near you in March. And it looks like you'll be seeing much more of Lee in the next G.I. Joe film. Due to the popularity of his character Storm Shadow in the first movie, producers have expanded Lee's role in the sequel, which he gave up season two of IRIS to shoot. Speaking of IRIS, the mega-hit has not only been firing up a lot of drama fever around here, it's also being positioned to grab a wide audience in Japan! In an unusual move, TBS will show IRIS during prime time, usually reserved for homegrown programming, in hopes of reigniting the Hallyu boom nationwide. The Autumn's Concerto has some great team spirit! Chris Wu promised that if the show's ratings hit 6%, he'd take a dive on camera. Sunday they climbed past 8%, so Wu took the dunk. Co-star Van Ness Wu told press that Chris is "very brave, very handsome, and has a well-trained body," which you can see for yourself here. Next, Ady An is supposed to do a pole dance if ratings top 10% in the remaining two episodes! Kim Bum (Boys Over Flowers) has had it pretty rough lately--not only is Woman Who Still Wants to Marry a ratings dud, but online complaints about his performance on the show have driven him to yank the internet cord out of his wall! So Ji Sub looks like he got shrunk down and put in a grocery bag in this trio of new photos. I hope there are air holes in that thing! Joo Ji Hoon entered mandatory military service Tuesday, drawing a crowd of 300 supporters. Besides some infamous drug problems, Joo is best known for his role in Goong, the lush classic drama which is now headed for the stage. Finally, we leave you with some fresh men's fashion for Spring, modeled by BOF's Lee Min Ho. Enjoy!