[caption id="attachment_3270" align="alignleft" width="374" caption="Lee Yong Woo"][/caption] After 20 episodes, including a 4-episode extension, the cast of the popular rom-com Pasta celebrated their finale with a party featuring star Alex on the mic. The drama leaves on a ratings high note, having grabbed over 20% of the Korean nationwide audience, and almost one in four Seoul viewers. Style's Lee Yong Woo and Gook Yi Jun from Boys Over Flowers have teamed up with hiphop group Mighty Mouth for the video to their new song Will Love Come. Check out the tune and the video here! A new teaser has just come out for Lee Min Ho's Personal Taste, playing up the gentle, romantic side of the drama. Lee of course plays a man trapped in the closet about his own heterosexuality in the soon-to-premier comedy, premiering at the end of March. Hyun Bin (The World That They Live In) said in an interview this week that he's sick and tired of his upstanding "good-guy" public image, and that he'd really like to cut loose and enjoy life once in a while (wonder what exactly he wants to try?) Hyun also spoke about his English-language role in the new remake of the classic film Late Autumn, shot in Seattle with co-star Tang Wei. A fan club devoted to Kim Hyun Joong donated nearly a thousand bucks--and over one hundred handmade hats--to the Save the Children charity. In a new in-depth interview, Chuno star Jang Hyuk depicts the show's plot as the story of his character Lee Dae Gil "growing up," and compares the genre-bending action drama to the recent film hit District 9. Find out more about Jang's behind-the-scenes thought process, and why he hopes there will be a follow-up documentary to Chuno, right here. Im Ho from Queen Seon Duk has an unusual cameo in the new film Secret Love. Although he played a king in QSD, he shows up in Secret as a hair stylist. Catch a shot of the newly-married actor in character here. Finally, it can be revealed that SNSD's Taeyeon's waist is as big as speed skater Lee Gyu Hyuk's thigh. See for yourself!