[caption id="attachment_3169" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Jung Woo Sung"][/caption] IRIS fans were excited to learn that Jung Woo Sung and Cha Seung Won have been cast as the male leads in the sequel series, IRIS 2. The sequel's villains are a terrorist organization headed by Cha's character called Athena, and Jung's role as a national intelligence agent will be his first drama role in 15 years. And speaking of IRIS, the original series' star Lee Byung Hyun said that filming his new online fantasy The Influence felt just like an extension of his work on IRIS. The 3-part mystery drama Influence premiered Wednesday. New pics from the set of Personal Taste have leaked, and stars Le Min Ho and Sohn Ye Jin look adorable on their rainy day date. Explosive new stills of battle carnage were released from the high-priced and highly anticipated So Ji Sub war drama Road No. 1. Chuno's Jang Hyuk revealed how becoming a father changed his life in a short but heartfelt interview on Thursday. Meanwhile, Jang's co-star Lee Da Hae is scheduled to appear at the Mr. World Contest, a grueling competition featuring "James Bond-style" physical challenges, cooking tests and lots of runway-working. Hero Jae Joong, from Kpop's DBSK, will be featured along with Eita, Ueno Juri, Tamayama Tetsuji, and Seki Megumi in the Korean-Japanese joint drama I Can't Be Honest, a romance about a group of five young men and women who meet online. Finally, you can follow You're Beautiful's Jang Geun Suk on a jaunt around Seoul in this fun yet otherwise-unexplained photo series.