Taecyeon_BW_FeverWatchProducers have just announced that 2PM's Taecyeon will star opposite Moon Geun Young in the upcoming Cinderella's Sister. The singer and first-time actor plays a naif entranced by Moon's villainous beauty when the drama airs in March. More on a very weird 2PM-Kdrama mashup at the end of this Fever Watch... Lee Ji Hye (East of Eden) said she's "thankful" for fan comparisons between her and supposed lookalike Taeyeon of Kpop girl group SNSD on a recent episode of Golden Bell. In response, MC Jeon Hyun Moo pulled out a hideous old photo of Lee to show that maybe the two aren't that similar after all... Sohn Ye Jin (Alone in Love) has been confirmed as the female lead in Lee Min Ho's (Boys Over Flowers) comeback vehicle Personal Taste! Sohn had been concentrating on film work, and is returning to drama as the woman who prompts Lee to play gay just so he can be her roommate. Boys Over Flowers co-stars Kim Bum and Kim So Eun have updated their websites, and please tell me that the message on Kim's hoodie "I'm alone, so alone" isn't a reference to the poor ratings for The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry! Kim So Eun is probably hoping for better luck than her old coworker with her new daily soap A Good Day For the Wind to Blow--more details and a preview from the Cinderella story drama are right here. Jang Hyuk (Chuno) and his abs (Chuno) grace the new issue of Harper's Bazaar next month--check out a preview! There's a new and pretty funny CF out starring Kim Tae Hee (IRIS) and Go Soo (Will It Snow For Christmas?) as an intelligent pair at sea on their sofa--read more and see the cute commercial here. It's all your fault! Lee Da Hae (Chuno) is blaming nosy press for spoiling her not-romantic, totally coincidental trip to Thailand with Kang Ji Hwan (Style). Finally, you need to see the genius photoshoppery of one obsessed fan who has recast the hit God of Study with members (and the manager) of 2PM!