[caption id="attachment_2781" align="alignleft" width="430" caption="Uee"][/caption] Uee, from Kpop girl group After School and the popular romance You're Beautiful, is set to star in the upcoming sports drama Birdie Buddy. In a radical image change, she'll play a simple mountain girl whose life is transformed when she picks up an 8 iron and discovers her love of golf. Yoon Eun Hye headed down to the docks for this cinematic new photo shoot for the Spring collection from Joinus. Kim Bum has said that he disconnected his internet connection after reading criticism of his acting in The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, but he might want to reconnect--evidently the drama's been getting some positive buzz for the cute relationship between Kim and Choi Chul Ho (Queen of Housewives). Kim plays Choi's former student who becomes the older man's teacher in the art of seduction. A new pair of interviews with the men of Chuno has been released! First, Jang Hyuk talked about what drew him to his slave-catcher role, how he maintains his bodacious bod and how he helped shape the look of his character--you can read it all here. Next, Oh Ji Ho spoke about what it took to go from a romantic leading man to the "animalistic" guy he plays on Chuno. That interview is here, and there are also some new stills from Oh's new Nong Shim Ramen CM, playing off his hit role. Lee Na Young (Ireland) shows off some hot jewelry in her elegant new spread for High Cut magazine. Finally, there's a funny, gossipy article out on Show Luo's continuing battle with his weight. Show, who is constantly sneaking in food, has an almost cartoony relationship with his manager (aka "Vegetable Rice Ghost") who whisks away any food put in front of him!