[caption id="attachment_2923" align="alignleft" width="311" caption="Ji Jin Hee"][/caption] Lee Da Hae (My Girl) is arranging meetings with Hollywood studio Warner Brothers to discuss future projects after the Chuno star attends an all-star gala with such luminaries as Jennifer Lopez and Julia Stiles. Lee's talent as an actress combined with her facility in Englis are reportedly what drew the execs' attention. Iljimae's Park Shi Hoo has joined the cast of Kim So Yeon's comeback drama Prosecutor Mata Hari, and will fight for the title ditzy attorney's affections against Han Jung Soo, currently appearing on Chuno. Flowers boy Oguri Shun has been cast in part three of the Japanese blockbuster Bayside Shakedown cop comedy film series. Shakedown is based on a TV series that you may have caught when it ran on US television years ago as The Spirited Criminal Investigative Network. Oguri's role for now is uncertain, but is said to be a "completely new character" to the franchise. We missed this when it was first uploaded, but if you're curious about the Lee Byeong Heon/Han Chae Young online fantasy film The Influence, you'll want to check out the teaser trailer here! We reported earlier on Uee's role in the upcoming golf drama Birdie Buddy, and now there's an intriguing (and not 100% optimistic) look behind the scenes at the making of the show, being put together by the creators of Boys Over Flowers. The Man Who Can't Get Married's Ji Jin Hee is stripped and bleeding for some reason in a new photo series to promote his film Parallel Life. Watch for more of Ji Jin Hee in the upcoming Dong Yi. Finally, more pics have been released from Vogue Girl's epic Pink Wing campaign photo shoot. Last time we saw Yoon Eun Hye spread her pink wings, and the new images include Seo In Young (Style), Park Shin Hye (You're Beautiful) and Kpop's MBLAQ, among others.