The upcoming university drama What's Up has completed its search for ten unknown performers to join the main cast, including Tamra the Island's Im Joo Hwan and Jeon Hye Jin from Smile. Written by Sandglass creator Song Ji Nah (who has promised to write everyone into the first two episodes), the drama is creating a spectacular amount of excitement as a potential launchpad for a new generation of Kdrama actors. See the winners and get an insider's account of the audition process right here! In other contest news, more details have been reported on the Mr. World Competition in Seoul, co-hosted by Chuno star Lee Da Hae. Managers say Lee was chosen because of her international sex appeal and language skills. Yoon Eun Hye has been very busy lately using her fame to draw attention to charitable causes. She teamed up with Kim Hyun Joong to star in a commercial and promote UNICEF's Never Alone campaign. Never Alone t-shirts are being sold throughout Korea, and all proceeds go to help the needy in Africa. YEH also participated in an event to help visually-impaired children--see the idol help out some happy kids here. No Lee Seung Ki for Taiwan! The Shining Inheritance star has canceled his concert in April, his management company saying that they wanted to keep Lee "in Japan and Korea only"--even after previously agreeing to the event. This is the second time that Lee has broken his promise to appear in Taiwan. What gives? Personal Taste's Lee Min Ho stars in a photo feature (titled MY SWEET GAY) in Astra magazine this March. The scans are here; enjoy! Birth of the Rich is dead on arrival for many drama critics in Korea. "Forced," "irrational," "childish" and "lazy" are just some of the adjectives used to describe the new show, which previously promised to give viewers secrets to becoming wealthy. The consensus seems to be that ridiculous and over-wrought situations come one after the other, with no little in plot or character development to keep it all together. But I still want to know the secrets to make me rich! Finally, Chuno's Oh Ji Ho told High Cut magazine the 15 items he absolutely must have at all times to be the fashionable man we all know and love. 11 of them are from Cartier! I think he needs to expand his shopping options, but check out the full list here.