[caption id="attachment_2540" align="alignleft" width="344" caption="Lee Wan"]Lee Wan[/caption] Show Luo is pissed with CTS for shortchanging his hit romcom Hi My Sweetheart. According to Luo, the drama was meant to end in February, but the last few episodes have been repackaged for a January 31st finale. The hard-working Show showed some serious fan appreciation at a recent 12-hour autograph session! If I did that my hand would look like this. Lee Wan will not enter mandatory military service in March--he got a deferment last year to shoot Swallow the Sun, and says he wants to get a few more acting gigs under his belt before he joins the army. Lee Da Hae (Chuno) revealed her ideal man on the variety show Sweet Night, ranking them World Cup style. Considering that she works with Oh Ji So and Jang Hyuk, two of the most pulchritudinous men in kdrama, you might be surprised by her final answer. Although Korean TV dramas continue to thrive around the world, Korean film exports hit a big slump last year. Sales plummeted by almost one third, even as Korean stars such as Daniel Henney and Lee Byung Hun are making inroads to Hollywood. Whether you're a seasoned Korean film buff or a newbie, there are some great recommendations on this list of top ten Korean films of the decade. Best known in the past few years for their film work, Won Bin (Mother) and Shin Min Ah (The Naked Kitchen) reunited to smooch in the snow for a coffee commercial--Shin's head was clearly in the game when she told her co-star that his kiss was "too lukewarm. Make it more like coffee!" Behind the scenes video is here, and you just might want to watch it on mute... Finally, a double dose of Kim Bum news--the Boys Over Flowers star's musical chops were on display when he played guitar and sang live for a scene from his new drama The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. The man and his guitar (well, A guitar) also are featured in the February issue of InStyle magazine--check out the new scans right here.