[caption id="attachment_3660" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Ji Sung"][/caption] Adding to the already substantial cameos on the rom-com Personal Taste, it was just announced that Yoon Eun Hye will join the series in episode 8 as an ex-girlfriend of Lee Min Ho's character, named... Eun Hye! We told you about Kang Ji Hwan's upcoming turn as a blockbuster novelist in a drama called Page One, but nervous execs have gone and changed the title. The new name, said to draw an association to director Pyo Min Soo's 2004 hit Full House, is Coffee House. But the characters of the publishing world drama will still hang out at a "Cafe Page One." Sounds confusing to me. If they had to shoehorn "house" into the title, couldn't they just call it Publishing House? IRIS continues to get star treatment in Japan, with Big Bang signing on to sing a ballad for the soundtrack. There's also some kind of Super IRIS All-Stars event called Dramatic Live Stage IRIS, including Big Bang, Lee Byung Hyun, Kim Tae Hee and others combining their talents to create unspecified IRIS-flavored entertainment. Is Kim Hyun Jung being stalked in Spain? The question first came up when the star was tracked down in a huge soccer stadium by telephoto lens, and netizens are again concerned over these pics. These photos all seem fairly innocent to me, especially compared with the many photos fans must snap of him every day at home in Korea. What do you think? Swallow the Sun's Ji Sung will take his first sageuk role in Kim Suro, playing the title 1st century king. Read more about the tale of history, destiny and mythology and see Ji in his amazing period costume here. Overjoyed Japanese fans met heartthrob Song Il Kook for a recent television broadcast--check out screengrabs here. Song looks like he's going to give that one lady a heart attack! Finally, a cool, low-key new commercial from Giodarno starring buddies So Ji Sub and Tiger JK. Enjoy!