Filipino dramas join the DramaFever library today with the hits TimelessChances, and More Than Love! DramaFever has partnered with ABS-CBN, Southeast Asia's number one TV network, to bring you these hit teleseryes (aka Filipino or Tagalog dramas) for a limited time. We hope you enjoy these great dramas and we need to hear from you - what other teleseryes do you want on DramaFever? Leave your suggestions in the comments below and show your support for adding Filipino dramas to DramaFever by joining "">I Want Teleseryes" - the">DF Telesyeres fan page on Facebook! And don't forget to take the Fever Survey on the right side of the blog! -->

Updates: We should have been more clear about "limited time only". We're unsure of how much you, the DramaFever fans, want teleseryes added on DramaFever. If there's a strong user demand, we'll be able to bring more teleseryes titles to DramaFever - and we'd like you to help us make that happen. We need some way to measure your interest, so we set up three: 1. view counts of Chances, Timeless and More Than Love; 2. joining the teleseryes Facebook fan page; and 3. vote in the teleseryes poll on the right side of the DF blog.

Which leads us to how do you want your teleseryes presented...

We'd gotten a number of feedback emails asking us for dubbed versions instead of subtitles. A number of you told us you prefer not to read subtitles. When we learned ABS-CBN had dubbed versions available, we decided to give it a try. Some of you may prefer subs, and some of you may prefer dubs. As always, we'll be listening to your feedback.

If you're a teleseryes fan, this is your chance to spread the news. If you're new to teleseryes, this is your chance to discover a new kind of drama fever!

Timeless Shipwreck brings Christian (Jericho Rosales) and Ara (Kristine Hermosa) together on a tiny island, but once rescued, family secrets come out that make it much harder to hold on to each other. Eventually Christian and Ara's family decide that escape is the only way to keep their love alive, and they embark on a harrowing journey to start new lives. Separated in a freak accident during their trip, Ara is helped by a good-natured painter who asks her to pose as his girlfriend to please his grandfather. Watch Timeless on DramaFever! Chances What would you do if you could turn back time and reclaim a lost lover? Is fate irreversible? These are the themes of the fantasy-romance Chances, one of the most-watched television programs in the Phillipines in 2007, and earning strong ratings in Taiwan the next year. Watch Chances on DramaFever! More Than Love In this critically-acclaimed primetime Filipino romantic melodrama, love is tested by economic barriers and masochistic revenge. No matter how good it feels, can a relationship survive that is founded on lies? Is it possible to escape the shadow of vindictive and powerful parents? Watch More Than Love on DramaFever!