Despite having only been posted a week ago, a Rihanna twerking video made by a fun-loving girl from the Philippines has been viewed over 31 million times on Facebook, with almost 210,000 comments from instant fans from around the world— but it's not what you think! 

The nose-twerker enjoying her current wave of instant fame is Meg Mallari, a young woman from Manila. Last week, she uploaded a video of herself playing around with her nose, which had the back of a woman's scantily clad body drawn on it with some ink. As Rihanna's "Work" plays in the background, Meg uses her finger to move the tip of her nose around, which happens to be where the inked lady on her nose has her behind. And sure enough, the lady on her nose looks to be twerking, which means Meg is twerking with her nose!

31 million views is quite a lot. That's like superstar view counts. I'm sure Rihanna has seen this, or will see this at some point, since Meg's video and stories about her have been all over the media. Without further ado, check out Meg's awesome video below.

It's hilarious!


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