A few weeks ago, netizens used the power of makeup to transform themselves into celebrated popular culture characters. Now Filipino actor/TV host Paolo Ballesteros used a similar makeup technique to transform into Hollywood A-list celebrities. 

The TV show host didn't just use makeup in his transformations. Ballesteros also incorporated color contact lenses, wigs, and a whole lot of imagination to morph into Hollywood A-listers like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nicole Kidman. 

It's also pretty crazy to see the variety of celebrities that the talk show host turned himself into. It also goes to show you that with the right amount of makeup and care, you can really become anyone you want. Check out the mind-blowing transformations below. 

Kristen Stewart 

Jennifer Lawrence 

Nicole Kidman 



Britney Spears 

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Katy Perry 

Drew Barrymore 


Tyra Banks

Kim Kardashian 

Daenerys Targaryen

Audrey Hepburn 

Julia Roberts

Taylor Swift

Mariah Carey


Meryl Streep