Here are the final results of Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hong Ki’s (FT Island) bowling tryout. After playing on Oct. 29 and 30, they had an average score of 192.3 for Kim Soo Hyun and 177.2 for Lee Hong Ki. The cut score was 200 on average, and they didn’t pass the second round of games. Kim Soo Hyun placed the 68th, and Lee Hong Ki the 89th out of 94 participants.

They had passed the first round of games, which took place a weekend ago, with an average score of 214.6 for Kim Soo Hyun and 191 for Lee Hong Ki. The cut score for the first round had been 190 on average.

The men’s professional bowling association in Korea grants the title of a professional bowler to a celebrity who passes only the first round of games. Though this special policy started with the belief that celebrities contribute to the development of bowling at a greater level, Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hong Ki must’ve thought of it as an unfair treatment, because they competed both rounds like the other participants.

Regardless of the result, we admire Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hong Ki for doing their best. We already know how hard Kim Soo Hyun had practiced for this tryout. “Kim Soo Hyun is physically fit and passionate about bowling," Kim Hyun Bum, the actor's teacher and professional bowler, had said. "Because he was busy, he often practiced at night and early in the morning. He was so focused that his fingers started bleeding.”

It’s the effort not the result that counts, right? What do you think of Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hong Ki’s love for bowling? Tell us below!

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